Company Profile

Saint Bana Stone is renowned for providing the highest quality stoneware products, and exceptional customer service, to our clientele, worldwide. Our loyal client base has enabled us to serve markets in Asia, Americas, through to the Middle East, across Europe and beyond.

Our achievements and reputation have been earned over the decades, through hard work and dedication. Our clientele’s loyalty is testament to our success. This is achieved by providing a holistic business solution for all your stoneware needs, from sourcing, manufacturing, through to delivery and after care servicing.

Saint Bana Stone represents value for money, in producing the highest quality stone products for your needs.

Our core product lines cater for, but are not limited to, the construction industry, and decorative stone markets.  

Products which are extensively used by the construction industry include Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine, Basalt, Onyx, Translucent Slab, Gemstone, Mother of Pearl , and Slate. Our state of the art machinery are designed to produce from the raw material products such as, floor and wall tiles, countertops and vanities, cobble and curbing, stairs, mantels , Mosaic ,Banisters, Water-jet , Borders , Columns ,Etc…

Our Sculptures are hand created works of art, produced by our highly skilled craftsperson. Stones generally used to produce these works of art include Marble, Granite, Onyx , Gemstone, Limestone, Basalt, and Travertine. From its raw form they are sculptured into items such as lanterns, fountains, cherubs, Statues , beasts, Abstract, Etc... They may range in shapes, sizes, and scales as per your requirements.

Saint Bana Stone has vested interests in multiple quarries, ensuring an extensive range of stones to meet our client’s product needs. Our factories and craftsmen produce all products with the strict adherence to ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System. This in turn ensures all products are of the highest quality, meeting or exceeding our customers exacting requirements and needs.